A naked intruder entered a hotel room of a Chinese woman, who now plans to sue the property to raise awareness about a lack of security.

The incident happened in the middle of the night last month, and she now wants to sue the Ji Hotel in Shanghai for 15 US cents.

The woman, who goes by the name Huahua on Weibo, said that she hoped the possible legal action would lead to a formal apology and internal changes. She also has plans to sue the intruder after she receives the surveillance video of the July 31 incident.

The intruder, whose name has not been revealed, was caught on a video footage roaming around the hallways of the hotel. He was wearing an underwear and knocked on random rooms for almost an hour. When the hotel's staff noticed that he was trying to enter strangers’ rooms, they led him back to his room.

They even stood guard for some time. Assuming that he had given up, the staff left. They were wrong about him as he soon barged into Huahua’s room.

He said that her room's door was not locked. The female guest said that she might not have locked the door by accident as she had noticed that it was faulty earlier.

In the video, the man was seen wearing an underwear, but Huahua said that he was nude when he entered her room. She was awake when the man stepped inside her room. On seeing him, she yelled at him and asked if he was crazy, reported the South China Morning Post. He apparently answered, "Why are you pretending? Your door is open. Didn’t you keep it open to let others come in to play with you?"

She immediately informed the police after getting him out of the room. He was detained by cops for five days, reported Daily Star. The status of his mental health is not known and it is not clear if he was sober when the incident took place.

On Monday, Huahua posted a video on Weibo, and said that she got several messages from people who shared similar experiences. Over the weekend, the hotel posted an apology on Weibo, saying that they will make changes to ensure safety of their guests. They said that night patrols would be intensified and they would improve the quality of door locks of rooms. But Huahua demanded a formal apology stamped with their official seal.

College dorm room Vincent_Zhang/ Pixabay