A man, who was nude when he broke into a Los Angeles house, is facing burglary and animal cruelty charges as he allegedly killed the family's pets, among other things.

Mat Sabz was alone at home on Thursday afternoon when his wife called to inform him that security cameras captured a naked man entering their house. "I see a man downstairs, eye to eye. Immediately I raised my voice and pointed at him saying ‘hey what are you doing’," Sabz told FOX 11.

Despite the encounter, the intruder refused to leave the house. "He didn’t leave. He looked at me and said ‘this is my house, what are you doing here’ and before I could say a word he said ‘I’m going to call the police’. And right away I realized that this is not a person that you want to engage with any further," Sabz said.

While Sabz ran into a room, the naked man went back downstairs. He was caught swimming in the pool and even trying on the house owner's clothes. The suspect later spotted the houseowner’s two parakeets.

"First he smiled at them like a serial killer. He put his hands near them, dropped them, and stomped on them. The other bird knew what was going on. You can hear the bird screaming and he did the same thing with the second bird. And that kind of changed everything when we saw that he killed these two defenseless animals."

Sabz, who was upstairs, managed to escape by jumping off the balcony and onto his car. He also called 911. Neighborhood security soon reached the house and arrested the suspect.

"Who knew what this man could have done to my family if they were home."

The suspect was identified as 34-year-old Paul Kiyan by Beverly Hills Police. They said that he was able to enter the house by taking a garage door opener from an unlocked car.

In another horrifying incident, a motorcyclist allegedly killed two puppies in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh, India, reported Times Now News. An FIR has been filed and police are searching for the accused responsible for the incident that happened on the night of June 14.

In the CCTV footage, the puppies could be seen playing with their mother on the other side of the road while the biker passed them. A few seconds later, the biker returned to the spot and crushed one of the puppies killing him. In less than a minute, the accused came back and killed another puppy.

"While there was enough space for his bike to pass, he appears to have crushed the puppies intentionally," said Anjali Yadav, a local resident, who saw bodies of the puppies and later caught hold of the CCTV video to know about the incident.

The woman shared the video of the incident on a WhatsApp group asking people to help to save the other four puppies. "I suddenly heard a loud barking by dogs and when I came out of the house, I saw two puppies dead. I buried them in a field with the help of my brother," she said. Yadav added that the CCTV video confirmed that the puppies were deliberately killed by the biker.

Representation Image Police Officer Standing cocoparisienne/ Pixabay