Grammy winning group, Chocquibtown, talks to Latin Times about their new album, "El Mismo." Watch our video interview here! Sony Latin Music

ChocQuibTown is celebrating 15 years in the entertainment biz with their new album "El Mismo," consisting of fresh new songs with their ever unique Afro-Colombian hip hop flair.

"'El Mismo' is a complete album. It's an album with an urban sound and with rhythms that come from Colombia, but at the same time allows us to travel to a more romantic sound," Goyo told Latin Times. One of the songs on the album was even inspired by Colombia's National Soccer Team. "It's a new movement that's coming out of the pacific," Slow said about "Salsa & Choke" ft. ñejo. "It's a fusion between urban music, salsa and music from the pacific, and it just has a lot of flavor!"

The Latin Grammy award-winning group, consisting of Carlos "Tostao" Valencia (rapping), his wife Gloria "Goyo" Martínez (singing and rapping), and Gloria's brother Miguel "Slow" Martínez (production and rapping), are originally from the Colombian department of Chocó but formed their musical project in Cali in 2000.

Working in family, however, can be quite challenging and rewarding at the same time.

"The most important thing is that we know each other, we know what each of us like," Goyo said. "When it comes to making decisions, we leave it in the hands of the one who knows best," she said, adding that they also have their indifferences and argue just as much as any other family.

In 2010, CQT won the Latin Grammy for Best Alternative Song with their track "De Donde Vengo Yo." They collaborated with Carlos Vives in his 2014 hit "El Mar de sus Ojos" and are currently making the rounds with their new single off of "El Mismo" called "Cuando Te Veo."

Check out everything the Colombian trio said in our exclusive interview; watch the video below!

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