Christmas is touted as the “most wonderful time of year” and while it is fun and festive to be surrounded by your entire family, the holidays can be long and without anything to occupy your guests they may tend to get a bit restless. That’s why in addition to serving lots of holiday-themed cocktails, we are providing not only you but also your guests a ton of holiday activities, which will make your Christmas party the best one yet. Your family, friends and even the younger kiddies who are restlessly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus, will be able to participate in these cheerful activities!

1. Our first Christmas party game idea is simple and sweet, instead of hanging up the stockings by the chimney with care, have your guests fill them up with treats! Divide your guests into groups, and have the participants race to fill their team's stocking with a small spoonful’s of wrapped candy. The winning team will receive their stuffed stocking as a prize!

2. Another race that is easy to do with a team is a Christmas gift-wrapping relay, line up gifts, wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and ribbons. You can line up participants for an assembly line, having each team member aide in one part of the wrap. Judge on time and style, may the best wrapped gift win!

3. The next two holiday activities are as interactive as they are hilarious! If we are fortunate enough to celebrate a white Christmas then the first decorating competition will be more appropriate, join your guests together and elect two “snowmen,” wrap a person in toilet paper, and decorate with carrots, buttons, hats, mittens, scarves and anything else your guests can discover, the best Frosty wins!

4. Similar to the snowman decorating, everyone loves to decorate a Christmas tress so why not make a Christmas tree out of one of your guests. Using green crepe paper, ornaments, tinsel, whatever you can find, decorate your “tree”.

5. A Christmas tie game is another fun and easy activity to play with your friends and family. Have your guests bring over their old and ugly Christmas ties, Give each team of two a tie. Have guests use only one time to tie the partner’s tie, the first one done wins!

6. Similar to "The Price is Right," this game is simple and fun. Count your Christmas tree ornaments before you place them and have your guests guess how many ornaments are on your tree when they walk into the party. The person closest to the number can get a small prize.

7. Print some free photo props for a quick and fun activity. Simply designate a space with a blank wall as a photo booth and have your guests take quirky photos to remember the cheerful party.

8. Our last but certainly not least Christmas party game idea is to pin the red nose on Rudolph, by giving a Christmas theme to the classic “Pin the tail on the Donkey” game, guests can have a grand ole time while keeping the traditions of the holiday alive.