Venezuelan singer Jesús Alberto Miranda better known as Chyno, former member of the duo “Chino and Nacho”, joined mass demonstrations against the government of Nicolás Maduro in Caracas. During the protest, the singer encouraged those who want a change to "do not get hopeless."

Since the beginning of this year protests in Venezuela’s streets we have seen Chyno’s ex- partner Nacho, who was affected by the tear gas that launched national guards at hundreds of opponents on the main Caracas motorway, fighting against his country’s condition and Chyno also continues encouraging his patriots to not give up on their fight.

He said that one of the reasons that led him to protest this Thursday "is to have a better future" and "good management" to solve the problems that cross the country.

"Fight for freedom and for your rights. We need good management and solve problems such as insecurity and scarcity, "he said.

The artist made a call to leave the division. "We have to be united by one country," he concluded. Also, during the demonstration, sang the National Anthem.

On Sunday, Miranda talked to Jorge Ramos on "Al Punto" and explained the situation in his country.  He answered at the first question by Ramos ("Speak to me about Venezuela's issue") saying that it's  a situation that really affects him a lot. 

"Venezuela has resources to be a nation with power, and at the managerial level, I feel that this government has failed and people are paying," he said. 

He also was asked about the comparisons between Maduros and Donald Trump's lack of experience for being a president and he expressed: “I can’t talk about results because of the short time he's been president. We have to wait. We have to give Trump some time. But at the campaign level, what he did to reach the presidency, I feel that it wasn’t  the right way."

Several personalities we know for sure have concentrated on this country’s main streets, such as Norkys Batista, Viviana Gibelli and Javier Vidal. Others like Franco de Vita and Ricardo Montaner have been supporting their country’s situation but through social media expressing openly their opinion on Nicolas Maduro’s government.

Political tensions in Venezuela rebooted in early April after two judgments of the Supreme Court of Justice in which it supposed the powers of the National Assembly and limited the protection of legislators. The Assembly came under the control of the opposition in 2016 after 17 years of being in the hands of the ruling party.

Chyno will release his first single, "Quédate Conmigo”  featuring Gente de Zona and Wisin next month. 

Check Chyno's interview with Jorge Ramos below.