Here at Latin Times we consider ourselves party experts when it comes to fun fiestas. That’s why we have collected our top 6 party ideas to ensure you have the best Cinco de Mayo fiesta ever. Shutterstock

Cinco de Mayo is a party like no other, while originally a day to commemorate the freedom and democracy of the Mexican-American communities during the first years of the Civil War, now the date is normally a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride. And there is no party like a quality Mexican fiesta, so while Cinco de Mayo may not be the biggest holiday of the year it is normally the most fun! If you haven’t yet been the host of a traditional Cinco de Mayo party, don’t fret, here at Latin Times we consider ourselves party experts when it comes to fun fiestas. That’s why we have collected our top 6 party ideas to ensure you have the best Cinco de Mayo fiesta ever.

1. Plan Ahead

Our first piece of advice is to seriously plan ahead, send out invites now. Cinco de Mayo, aka May 5th falls on a Monday this year, meaning you have less flexibility and so do your guests. If you want to ensure everyone has a good time, try to plan your party ahead of time, maybe even the Saturday before. Now we know it’s not the actual day of Cinco de Mayo, which is nearly blasphemous, but most people will have work on Tuesday, meaning the party will be less likely to go all night. Try to plan your party ahead of time, and you will have much more fun, then having to wrap it up early on a Monday night.

2. Picthers of Margaritas

Next as soon as your guests arrive be sure to have your margaritas ready. We suggest serving them on the rocks, which makes the refilling of glass much easier than working a blender all night. If you are planning on having a larger guest list, pre-make a few pitchers of margaritas that way guests can help themselves whenever their glass gets empty. Build a small “bar” in the middle of the main party area where the pitchers will be situated next to fresh ice and of course limes and salt!

3. Taco Bar

Similar to the serve yourself bar, build a serve yourself taco bar. The best party for both guests and host is when things are simpler. Allow all your guests to arrive before putting out the spread, then create the ultimate taco buffet. Place shredded chicken, steak or pork, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, cheese, sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo in serving bowls; then arrange hard and soft shells on a platter. This make dinner much easier for everyone, and no one has to feel uncomfortable about asking for seconds. The buffet gives your party a more relaxed feel, where guests will probably enjoy more tacos throughout the night.

4. Latin Music...lots of it

The most important aspect of a Cinco de Mayo party is the music. Be sure you have the Latin tunes pumping throughout the night, if you margaritas are made right, your guests will be up and dancing before dinner is even served. Keep the volume at a medium level, which allows your guests to engage in conversation while still enjoying a Cinco de Mayo essential jam, like “Oye Como Va.” Build a playlist of high energy Latin tunes to keep your party momentum moving along, include hits from Gypsy Kings, Gloria Estefan and Santana.

5. Piñata

Our next party idea may require a back yard or a big enough space with your house for some bat swinging. That’s right, every Cinco de Mayo party needs a piñata! Pick up a cheap and festive piñata at your local party goods store, not only will it serve as an adorable decoration, but ti gives your guests the excuse to swing a bat for some candy. And really who doesn’t love candy?

6. Mexican flag dessert cups

Speaking of sweets, our last party idea has to do with a celebratory dessert that is both quick and easy. Serve your guests Mexican flag dessert cups. Pre-make red and green Jell-O and have whipped cream on hand. In disposable plastic clear glasses first add red Jell-O, then whipped, cream and top it off with green Jell-O. This dessert is so simple to make, assemble and serve, that you can literally do it all ahead of time and just keep in your refrigerator till dessert time. The homage to Mexico also makes these dessert cups festive and reminds everyone why exactly they have been partying all night!

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