Ana Navarro and Marco Rubio
Ana Navarro and Marco Rubio Creative Commons

Ana Navarro has been on a tear of late. A week after suggesting on CNN Newsroom that Latino Trump supporters have "a very stupid attitude", the political commentator went on another tirade during the latest edition of The View. This time, the brunt of her discourse was aimed at Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who has been receiving all sorts of backlash for comparing the Trump trial to show trials that took place in Cuba when Fidel Castro took over the country.

"How dare you!" Navarro said on the talk show. "5,600 Cubans, at least, were shot in front of firing squads. Another 1,200 were shot and died because of extrajudicial hearings. How dare you use their name in vain so you can suck up to this man."

Navarro then called into question Rubio's intentions, implying his comments had to do with his political ambition: "I know you want to be his vice president, but don't you dare use the name of these people who died protecting freedom and compare our U.S. judicial system to what happens in Cuba, what happens in Nicaragua, what happens in Venezuela."

She concluded by saying, in Spanish, : "te debería de dar vergüenza", which translate to "you should be ashamed of yourself.

The comments by Rubio were made on Fox News on Thursday, hours after Donald Trump was convicted on all 34 counts in his "hush money".

Rubio said the case was "the most outrageous travesty" of justice that he has seen. "This is a quintessential show trial. This is what you see in communist countries," said Rubio, whose parents are Cuban. "This is what I grew up having people in the community tell me about. It happened in the days after the Castro revolution. Obviously, those led to executions. This, on the other hand, is an effort to interfere in an election."

Later that day, Rubio posted a video on X (formerly Twitter) of the infamous show trials in post-revolution Cuba, with a caption that read "the public spectacle of political show trials has come to America."

Rubio's comments also raised concerns from other political figures. Former Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla. told NBC News that "to suggest that we don't have due process in the U.S. is inaccurate", adding that while his grandfather was a victim of a political trial in Cuba, "it was nothing like the system in the U.S., that while imperfect is probably the fairest in the world."

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