“Cobra Kai” fans cannot wait to see the fifth season of the series, parts of which were teased in an official trailer.

One character to watch is Chozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto), the same one that starred opposite Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) in “The Karate Kid” Part II in 1986.

Okumoto’s character was seen in one of the previous seasons of “Cobra Kai,” initially depicting a rivalry that was rekindled. But as most eventually found out, their beef was a thing of the past with a new bond established between the two protagonists.

For the fifth season of “Cobra Kai,” LaRusso has commissioned the help of Toguchi as they try to set things straight against another familiar “Karate Kid” nemesis in Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith).

In the trailer where Silver was his usual obnoxious self, Chozen stepped in and responded with a familiar strong attitude that “Karate Kid” fans will recall. Hence, it appears that a new rivalry between Chozen and Silver is evolving, perhaps an epic one that “Cobra Kai” fans will be looking forward to seeing.

Silver has had his rivalry with LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and John Kreese (Martin Kove). However, the pony-tailed master has so far outwitted all of them. But this time around, he may be in for a tough test to figure out Chozen.

A possible fight between the two is not discounted. However and based on how the season has gone so far, it could be minimal to none.

But then again, Silver could find ways to study Chozen and find his weak spot. He has the money and resources to do a background check on the new face as he has done in the past. Could he possibly find something to crack the demeanor of Chozen and alter the script in a way this coming season?

“Cobra Kai” season 5 is set to premiere on Sept. 9, 2022.

Thomas Ian Griffith
Thomas Ian Griffith Getty Images | Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic

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