The government of Colombia is congratulating itself on a military operation that killed at least 10 FARC rebels, including a regional commander Pedro Lain Parra Suns also known as Jhon 26. Juan Carlos Pinzon the Colombian defense minister called the attack a “significant blow to the guerrilla group.” For 50-years Colombia has been battling the anti-government left-wing military group known as FARC. The government has been holding peace talks with FARC in Havana but Colombia would not agree to a ceasefire with the rebels.

Although the rebels had declared a “one-month unilateral” ceasefire beginning on Dec. 15, Pinzon said the rebels would continue to be targeted by the government until an official peace deal is signed. The latest military attack against FARC took place in the mountainous region of the Meta province. Locals living in the area alerted security forces to the rebels’ location.  The Colombian air force found and “neutralized” the FARC camp and is now searching for bodies. Among the dead was Jhon 26 who had been apart of FARC for 15-years.

Jhon 26 is described as “a key figure in the groups eastern command.” The crimes Jhon 26 was wanted for included extortion and kidnapping cattle ranchers to hold for ransom. According to the defense ministry Jhon 26 was one of the chief sources of income for FARC’s eastern command. Jhon 26 is also credited with a number of attacks on police stations and civilian populations in the area. FARC and the Colombian government entered into peace negotiations in Nov. 2012. In the 50-years since FARC first rebelled more than 220,000 people have been killed.