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A young woman in Colorado has been charged with multiple felonies for allegedly restraining her Tinder date with duct tape and stabbing him several times. Lauren Marie Dooley, 22, was arrested and taken into custody last week on charges of kidnapping, assault and menacing.

Warning: Graphic content

On Sept. 28, Colorado Springs Police Department responded to a call to a home located at The Hill Apartment of E Cache La Poudre Street for an unverified call for assistance at around 5:43 p.m. Records obtained by Law & Crime stated that officers were told by the emergency dispatcher to proceed to the home while they maintained an open line with a male caller.

Police verified that a female could be heard in the background while the dispatcher identified the caller as the 21-year-old victim. The victim said he was “bleeding all over the bed”. The document also stated the man was also heard telling another person in the room “because you cut me” and “you’re going to kill me”.

“Upon our arrival, residents at the apartment advised there was a naked male in the parking lot that needed help,” the cops’ affidavit continued.

Officers found the victim, who was naked and bleeding from a laceration on his left arm while Dooley had blood smeared all over her hands and arms. The man claimed that the young woman had tied him and cut him.

Based on arrest documents, the male victim had agreed to meet up with Dooley at her apartment after meeting on the popular dating app Tinder. When he arrived at her apartment, they started talking for a while and Dooley began to undress her date and proceeded to perform oral sex on him. From there, she allegedly restrained the victim with duct tape, and although her date had found it odd, he consented to it.

After getting taped up, Dooley then took out a kitchen knife and demanded her date to go to the bedroom. Fear started to set in with the victim so he obeyed and got into her bed.

“Lauren climbed on top of him and proceeded to use the knife to cut his left shoulder. Lauren then used both her hands to apply direct pressure to [the victim’s] throat for approximately 20 seconds, making it difficult to breathe. Lauren stopped, but only to procure a belt that she then placed around [the victim’s] neck. She tightened the belt for another 20 seconds, once more making it difficult to breathe. When she took it off, she checked [the victim’s] neck for a pulse,” the affidavit read.

Authorities said Dooley got upset with the victim bleeding all over her bed and ordered him into the bathtub. She then ordered food from DoorDash and threatened her date that she would kill him if he tried to scream. After eating, Dooley fell asleep which allowed her date to get the knife and cut the tape. He managed to run outside and make a call for help. Dooley is set to appear at county court on Thursday.

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