Condorito is a Chilean comic cartoon series, starring the character of the same name. It was first published on August 6 in 1949 and over the years became the most popular cartoon in Chile and the rest of Latin America. Like Garfield, Peanuts, Dilbert, and Calvin and Hobbes are among the most important comics in the world, along with Mafalda, Condorito is one of the most important Hispanic comic characters. It was read in 105 Spanish-language newspapers and distributed in 19 countries, including Canada, the United States, Italy, and Japan.

The popularity of Condorito reached its peak in the 80s, where a series of animated mini-episodes were broadcasted by the longest-running television show "Sábado Gigante." A few years ago, a pilot of a Condorito TV series began, with real actors and Condorito in 3D animation, but its cost was very high, making the plan be shelved. Years later, the idea of taking the story to the big screen became a reality and in 2017 the movie premiered in Latin American countries, breaking box office records in Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Colombia.

With the intention to conquer more hearts, "Condorito: La Película," arrives in the United States this January 12th. The famous character and his pals are animated in CGI for the first time, including the love of his life Yayita (Jessica Cediel), his romantic rival Pepe Cortisona (Cristian de la Fuente), as well as his nephew Chicky. 

Condorito (Omar Chaparro) is ready to propose to Yayita and tie the feather- er, knot, but when his disapproving mother in law Tremebunda (Coco Legrand) is abducted by an alien king, Condorito and his nephew must embark in an out of this world adventure to save “La Suegra”- as well as planet Earth! 

Condorito: La Película, is the perfect way for fans who have grown up to share the laughter with a new generation, one plop at a time! Latin Times spoke with Colombian actress, TV Host and entrepreneur Jessica Cediel about her character, how she was cast for the role, and much more. 

"Well I'm very happy, it's my fourth time on the big screen but the first time lending my voice to a caricature," Cediel said. "It's a super production that has talent from Mexico, from Chile."

Generally, when actors do casting they do it face-to-face, but due to work commitments and thanks to the magic of technology, Jessica had to resort to another method. "I was in Miami when they informed me of the project. They told me that they wanted me to do part of Yayita's dialogue, but because of my agenda -that was super full I didn't have time to travel outside the country, I did the casting via Skype. I was super nervous because it was a table with around six managers, and they wanted to see what the emotions, the intentions, the voice would be like, and thank God they said I was the person they were looking for to lend her voice to the character of 'Yayita.'"

According to Jessica, to prepare for this role, she didn't have to change the tone of her voice, however, her Colombian accent was modified to a more neutral accent. "I had to modify the accent to one a little more neutral because the film is more varied and for a very diverse audience," says Cediel.

 "I gave this performance my soul, life, and heart. Especially because we had the advantage of working with Ricardo Tejedo who is a Mexican film director and in charge of making all the Hollywood animated films for Latin America," says Jessica. "He's a character who has a lot of experience, both he and his wife, as well as their work team. They made you feel in confidence then I felt at all times as if I was playing, not working."

The caricature of Yayita is known in the Pelotillehue neighborhood as a young, voluptuous woman who is always in fashion. And in the comic strip is one of the few characters who changes clothes constantly. Well known for being Condorito's girlfriend, Yayita cannot help being seen everywhere. Her coquetry is usually the main problem that her relationship has since she makes no effort to hide her sensuality. Like her character, Jessica is a very sensual woman, and on more than one occasion she provoked virtual fires in social networks when she shares her sexy photos. 

"It makes me laugh because Yayita is always referenced with the hot woman, the voluptuous woman. I know I'm not the most voluptuous woman, I'm like Yayita's x-small version, but I still feel very good because I like the doll," says Cediel who was also the model of one of Romeo Santos' most recent music videos.

"Something very curious is that in fact when we premiered in Peru and Colombia, people told me 'you both look the same, the mole on your face, the eyes,' but really what I consider to be the most similar to my character is that we both are hard-working women, she is a family-oriented woman, she is a woman who cares about the social causes, like for example the children of the orphanage..."

"But the most important thing is that she does not let herself be bought, because even though she has this man, well presented and with a lot of money in love with ehr and trying to dazzle her, she doesn't let herself be carried away by that. She is simply in love with the heart of Condorito, a clumsy character but who is real and noble, and I identify a lot with that. However in what I don't find a similarity is that she is very superficial although in this film that is a bit minimized in comparison to the comic strip," she explained.

As an actress, Cediel also says to support the "Time's Up" movement that seeks dignity and respect for women. "We finally took off the bandage from our eyes and from our mouths. Above all that we have, the strength to fight for our dignity in our profession, in our social circle, in the family or where it deserves," says Jessica.

"I don't know why women have the bad habit of seeing other women as competition when we can inspire each other and highlight each other's good qualities. It seems to me that this is a definitive time where women have a voice and vote, not like in other times when we were totally annulled and forgotten. We must not forget that we have participation not only in entertainment but also in politics, in sports, in culture, that's why I totally support the campaign."

Finally, Jessica made use of the opportunity to invite all the United States to enjoy this classic on the big screen. "I extend the invitation to all of you, Please don't miss Condorito in national premiere on January 12 in all movie theaters. A film of truth for all generations, from grandparents to the little ones in the home, I promise that you will go and will have fun."

Watch the trailer below.