A 20-year-old Nigerian content creator is seeking justice after he was attacked by men dressed in police uniform Monday night. He narrated the whole ordeal on social media and is calling for justice for what he had to go through.

The content creator/ makeup artist narrated that on Monday night as he was on his way home, some supposed police officers approached him and ordered him to enter a yellow bus. He initially asked what offense he committed but did not get an answer.

The young man got on the bus and expected to get a better answer once they got to the police station. But to his surprise, the bus stopped at some at a deserted place and the content creator was asked to get off the bus.

From there, he was told to hand over his phones and belongings. When he questioned why the men dressed in police uniform punched him in the face and assaulted him. The attack left a noticeable cut at the top of his right eye.

The attackers got his two phones and a tablet. He added that that the provisions he was going home with were also gone.

The unnamed Nigerian proceeded to the police station to report the whole incident. But to his surprise, he was told that the man dressed in police uniform who attacked him was not from their branch.

Helpless, the content creator who goes by the handle of macmillan_makeover on Instagram, unloaded his frustration on the whole ordeal. He went off on a video post and stressed that it was a saddening development considering this is his birthday month. He will be turning 21 on Mar. 19.

“I hate what just Happened. My phones Which I use to Make my Videos are all Gone, Back to Square 1. if ur daddy is a Nigeria Police Officer pls Unfollow Me Biko,” part of the statement read.

Macmillan Makeover Macmillan Makeover photo from macmillan_makeover Instagram account