The West Yorkshire Police had recently arrested 19 men as part of its ongoing probe of alleged child sex abuse against a female victim.

The suspects, who fell in the 36 to 55 age group, were taken into custody on the grounds of various offenses. They have eventually released post-interviews and pending inquiries, BBC reported.

The news of the mass arrest took residents by shock, and also shed light on the plight of several victims in England and across the globe.

The month-long investigation across Bradford was launched in connection to the allegations that surfaced between the years 2000 to 2005. Cops had initially arrested 40 people on the grounds of child sex abuse claims, which reportedly occurred about over two decades ago, as part of their investigation.

Detective Chief Inspector Alan Weekes, of Bradford District Police, addressed the incident while speaking to the press, and averred that the probes were part of West Yorkshire Police’s ongoing commitment to prevent current and non-recent sexual offenses against children.

Weekes urged individuals with a history of sexual abuse—whether recent or historic—to come forth and report to the department. He maintained that tackling child abuse and bringing justice to victims are detailed processes, which are carried out while working closely with local authorities and charities to support victims. However, he assured the public that reporting their trauma in the case of sexual abuse would be treated with sensitivity.

The West Yorkshire Police works closely with seasoned professionals to prevent and safeguard children against sexual abuse of any degree.

According to The Guardian, a council review last year had stated that over 120 people were apprehended on the grounds of suspicion of non-recent abuse in Bradford. Currently, around 17 investigations are underway or awaiting trial. The report highlighted that a large number of children— with the rough estimate of numbers ranging somewhere between 283 and 389—were at risk of sexual exploitation in Bradford last year.

Law enforcement officials, which included the police and council, last week reportedly issued a joint apology to victims of child sexual abuse after an independent report discovered that the “clear signs” of exploitation were overlooked.

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A representational image of a swing. Counselling/Pixabay