Police have released pictures of the shipping container turned home where Neculai Paizan murdered Agnes Akom using a power saw on May 9, 2021.

Warning: Distressing content

Paizan, 64, reportedly killed Akom by beating her more than 20 times with the power tool and strangling her using a cord. The police have released photos of the shipping container the killer used as a home and where Akom was killed.

The pictures show grimy walls, a stained bed, and a dirty and cluttered storage room. Despite owning a £700,000 ($840,000) property in Notting Hill, West London, the lorry driver killer chose to live in the seemingly disgusting makeshift home. The CCTV footage shows Paizan moments after the killing, pushing a wheelie bin containign Akom's body wrapped in a plastic bag. He transported her body to woodland near the North London murder site and buried her under a pile of logs, where the authorities later found her. The Metropolitan Police discovered the body a month later, on June 14, 2021.

Akom's partner, Peter Lenart, said that Akom had moved to this country from Hungary "in the hope of a new life." He emotionally shared that she had been sending a letter to their young son, who had been taken into care before she died. "How am I supposed to finish that letter without her" he asked. "She was my love, the mother of my son, my partner, and my best friend."

Akom told Lenart she was going to work; however, she then messaged her killer for a meet-up. Between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., she and Paizan had exchanged messages before he collected her from Costa Coffee in his silver Dacia Sandera. From there, they both went to his shipping container in Brent. CCTV showed Akom and Paizan entering the shipping container home, where he then killed her. Several months before she was murdered, Paizan had been seen multiple times with Akom, and she had visited his shipping container on previous occasions.

Paizan reportedly visited the park, where he dumped Akom's body, five times over the following days after Lenart asked authorities for help in finding his missing partner.

Blood stains found in the container matched the victim's despite "vigorous attempts" to clean it up. Akom's blood was also in the defendant's car. Her clothes had been bagged in a skip together with the blood-stained jigsaw with Akom's hairs stuck to it.

Paizan was imprisoned for life with a minimum of 22 years after being found guilty of the foul crime. Judge Richard Marks QC said, "It is clear on your lengthy evidence that you remain in a complete state of denial as to what you did in that frenzy of violence that took away that young girl's life at the age of 20. These were shocking acts of wickedness on your part."

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