The number of cases tested positive in the coronavirus outbreak in Brazil shot up by five in a span of just one day. On Wednesday, three cases were recorded in the Latin American country. On Thursday, a new record was set—with six of the cases from Sao Paulo, while Rio and Espirito Santo states recorded one case each. The cases tested positive in these two states are women aged 27 and 35.

The Health Ministry confirmed the registration of its first cases of the virus being transmitted within the country. Two patients tested positive after coming in close contact with a Sao Paulo man, who was the country's first confirmed case. Up until now, the virus was contracted from tourists that traveled to Brazil. What’s even harrowing to note is that a 13-year-old boy was tested positive despite not showing any signs of having contracted the respiratory illness. Further probe is underway in regard to the ninth unconfirmed case in Distrito Federal.

Currently, Brazil has 636 suspected cases of the disease. The respiratory illness which has sent shockwaves across the globe has recorded 95,000 cases worldwide and over 3,200 deaths in China.

Preventive measures are being brought in, to maintain calm amid the chaos, the health ministry maintained. Brazilian Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta expressed regret over the country’s first confirmed case of the virus, in a businessman who had traveled to Italy, contracted the syndrome and tested positive in Brazil.

“Here we have a system that has the greatest musculature, the greatest response, a health system with management and committed people. It was the first metropolis to eliminate transmission of HIV from mother to child,” said Mandetta.

In a bid to contain the virus, and mitigate its impact; the health ministry has set the date to kickstart the national flu vaccination campaign to March 23. Mandetta also elucidated that conscious efforts will be rolled to curb further confusion stemming from the presence of similar symptoms in varied illnesses that can leave millions overwhelmed. As per a recent report; the government intends to administer 75 million doses of flu vaccine.

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