Almost every part of the world is now affected by the coronavirus pandemic and it was reported that Latin American countries are becoming one of the most hit after Europe and the U.S. As of April 13, Brazil appeared to be the most affected region with 22,318 cases and 1,230 deaths.  

As posted on World Meters, Peru is the second most affected with 7,519 followed by Ecuador with 7,466 cases and Chile is not that far behind too. In total, the region has over 45,000 cases and with the growing number of COVID-19 infection, it was said that Latin America is losing its battle against the disease and this was due to the fact that the pandemic happened at a time when the countries in this region are in a recession which means that their economic growth is slow. 

According to Aljazeera, Latin America is really having a hard time coping with the coronavirus pandemic. With no funding to deal with the crisis, its public health services don’t have the equipment and other things needed to treat the patients. It was mentioned that as they struggle, they reached out to China for assistance. 

Latin America may be looking for aid coming from China since its public health system cannot deal with the increase of COVID-19 cases. It was added that China responded in a positive way and so the governments in this continent are now expecting testing kits, ventilators and other donations. 

Meanwhile, Latin America is also taking measures to stop the spread of coronavirus. Just like in most countries worldwide, it has implemented the cancellation of gatherings, schools were closed and in Colombia and Chile, these states already ordered the closure of their borders and foreign travelers are also restricted. 

Latin American government leaders have also used executive powers to implement wide-ranging restrictions on everyday movement and activities. In Honduras, its president Juan Orlando Hernández declared a state of emergency to force a curfew to the citizens and finally, in Bolivia, the coronavirus pandemic imposed the suspension of the presidential election and it was one of the regions that first to announced a national emergency. But despite these measures and efforts, the fear of losing the battle against this contagious disease is great.

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