The number of Russian soldiers in the Ukraine invasion remains unknown with various outlets giving varying numbers. It appears the numbers range between 7,000 to 15,000 but these have yet to be confirmed.

Regardless, what seems apparent is that casualties of war are rising. The Washington Post reported that based on a file posted by a Russian website, up to 10,000 soldiers have allegedly been killed in the conflict.

In mid-March, U.S. officials alleged that up to 7,000 Russians had been killed per a report from the New York Times.

Although there are suggested ballpark numbers, it remains that the official or actual numbers are unknown. Deriving that appears to be impossible and the safest way to conclude is that the number of Russian soldiers killed is near that mark.

"In war conditions, you have the fog of war, which makes it very difficult to get accurate numbers," Walter Dorn, a professor of defense studies at the Royal Military College, said.

"In order to see deaths you'd have to go to places where there's people dying, which usually means there is a dangerous threat. So it's hard for objective observers to get that kind of number."

For Stephen Saideman, the Paterson Chair in International Affairs at Carleton University and the director of the Canadian Defence and Security Network, experts do not like to place their trust in figures that are provided by Russia or Ukraine.

"Each side has an incentive to inflate the damage they do, and deflate the damage that's been done to them," he said. "It's part of every war to do that."

Even though questions are in the air about the actual number of Russian soldiers, it cannot be denied that those who have died are believed to be due to Russia’s poor planning of the Ukraine invasion.

Despite being known as a powerful country, Russia’s invasion has not gone smoothly as planned. The Russians have reportedly focused on securing captured villages after finding resistance and difficulty in invading other villages.

Civilian participants in a Kyiv Territorial Defence unit train
Civilian participants in a Kyiv Territorial Defence unit train Getty Images | Sean Gallup

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