A couple who were caught in a steamy scene at an Australian court back in June returned to the courthouse facing another criminal charge.

They were identified as Jake James Quinn and Shameka Julie Leeding. Both were initially found bonking at the foyer of the Toowoomba Courthouse in Queensland and this resulted in them getting a 60-hour sentence of unpaid community service.

Now, both were back at the same courthouse to stand trial for stealing. Compared to their last visit, both more behaved this time around.

Both pleaded guilty to one charge of stealing after reportedly making off with a trolley full of groceries from Woolworths last July 1.

According to authorities, the couple left without paying for the items which cost around $500.

It was added by the defense, Nikole Prince, that the two had resorted to such because the two were unemployed at the time and did it out of necessity.

Prince added that both now have part-time jobs and are hoping to relocate to Brisbane soon.

Magistrate Louise Shephard ordered the convictions not to be recorded and placed Quinn and Leeding on a six-month good behavior bond. Aside from that, both were ordered to pay half restitution of $250.

Weeks before that, the two were caught making out at the courthouse. Leeding was set to appear before the court on June 28 with Quinn coming along to support her.

But at some point, the two ended up kissing vigorously with Leeding caught lifting her skirt and then sitting on her partner and moving up and down according to police prosecutor Cameron Francis.

Security personnel intervened and the couple stopped their actions. Both pleaded guilty to the indecent act on July 22.

The act was described the lewd act as "outrageous behavior" by magistrate Clare Kelly, adding that she had never heard of any such thing happening in a courthouse.

“In a disrespectful manner you’ve taken into the public arena a very private act,” Kelly said to the pair.

The Ohio Supreme Court removed Judge Pinkey S. Carr, a Cleveland municipal judge, on Tuesday from the bench. Pixabay.

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