A clown chased a man at the NYC Subway station on a 6 train at 96th street. Tim Boyle/Getty Images

The clown epidemic has officially hit the big apple.

According to reports, a person disguised as a clown was blocking passengers from exiting a northbound 6 train at the 96th street station in Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon. Reports say the clown began to “intimidate” passengers, but it soon went from clowning around to a seriously threatening manner.

While at the 96th street station, that same clown chased a teenage male up the stairs and out of the station with a kitchen knife. The clown has not yet been caught, and authorizes are on the look for said individual. There’s no indication that the clown pursued the teenager outside the station nor has any video evidence surfaced of what actually occurred.

While the perpetrator could not be identified, it is believed to be male according to The man was wearing makeup, large shoes and multicolored clothing. Fortunately, there have been no injuries reported in this incident. Police have said there is an “ongoing investigation.”

The root of this circus act is still unknown. It's believed to have begun in Ohio, and to complicate things, people are making false reports. A New York Times report found that at least 12 people are facing charges for making claims about clown threats that turned out to be unfounded.

The clown hysteria has hit the outskirts of New York City including Long Island and upstate New York, but no lives have been lost due to clown violence in Gotham in 2016. New York Police Department Deputy Commissioner for Counterterrorism and Intelligence, John Miller said that his office has already investigated several clown threats in the past week and has “found none of these to be credible.“

As if New Yorkers didn’t have enough to worry about when it came to riding the subway, now they can add clowns to their list.

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