A man was caught masturbating in a subway car in New York on Thursday, with police looking for the man as incidents of men masturbating in the subway lines increase even further.

The man was seen in a Lower Manhattan subway on Thursday morning, approaching a 22-year-old woman who was sitting on a bench and fondling her thighs before furiously masturbating, following her to the subway car where he reportedly ejaculated on the floor of the car, according to the New York Post.

The man was still able to get out of the subway car at a stop on Crown Street, but police officers are now looking for the reported pervert which the police have only a few pictures of from grainy footage that was possibly provided by witnesses.

This is not the only recent incident of a man masturbating in the subway--a man in a Brooklyn subway station was reportedly caught on Sunday masturbating in front of a 29-year-old woman, pushing her into a bench and forcing her to watch as he masturbated, before escaping to Prospect Park via the Grand Army Plaza entrance, News 12 Bronx reported.

The man was not caught, and he is believed to still be at large in the streets of New York.

A similar event also occurred in a Brooklyn subway in February, where a man reportedly followed a woman home from the subway, furiously masturbating and making sexually explicit comments at her as she walked home, according to PIX11.

While masturbating, the man reportedly grabbed the woman by the neck and punched her in the face and body over and over again. After a moment, the woman was able to escape the man as he fled west to Third Avenue. The woman was given emergency care for the incident.

It is unclear if the local police will be doing anything to curb any such future incidents of indecent public masturbation in the city’s subway systems.

Masturbating Man Subway
A man was caught masturbating in the subway, sexually assaulting a woman during the trip before ejaculating on the floor and running away from the scene of the crime. This is a representational image. Andrey Kremkov/Unsplash.