'Cristela' TV Show: 5 Reasons To Watch Cristela Alonzo's ABC Latino Family Sitcom This Fall

Cristela Alonzo
Co-creator and cast member Cristela Alonzo speaks at a panel for the ABC television series "Cristela" during the Television Critics Association Cable Summer Press Tour. Reuters

Looks like Sofia Vergara has some competition as ABC adds another Latina comedian to its network this fall. Mexican-American stand-up comic Cristela Alonzo will be starring in ABC's upcoming Latino family sitcom titled "Cristela." The show follows Cristela who portrays a struggling law student juggling various jobs while living with her sister, brother-in-law and immigrant mother. 

Besides Alonzo the series stars Carlos Ponce, Maria Canals-Berrera, Terri Hoyos and Gabriel Iglesias. According to Zap2it's website the two have been friends for many years and when the opportunity presented itself for her to have a show she definitely wanted him involved. 

While having a show that doesn't have just stereotypical Latino character is enough reason to watch check out these other top reasons to watch "Cristela" on ABC this fall! 

  1. The new sitcom brings first and second-generation immigrants' experiences to the forefront on a huge network like ABC. 
  2. "Cristela" is not afraid to take it there! The show calls out white privilege and even makes fun of Latino stereotypes all in a comfortable funny way. 
  3. The series doesn't just offer viewers a stereotypical view at Latinas. It's refreshing to see a 
  4. Not one hilarious comedian but two will be present. The show will also star Gabriel Iglesias in a recurring role on "Cristela."
  5. The girl is hilarious! Cristela Alonzo is one funny stand-up comedian. Don't believe us? Check her out on "Conan" this year. Also check out the hilarious promo for "Cristela" below!

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