Cristian Castro has surprised all of his again by talking about how much "hard rock" and "metal" genres mean to him. Although we never thought we could listen to the "Gallito Feliz" singer in something other than ballads, the singer did show us that he could call himself a multi-faceted artist when he launched his hard rock band called La Esfinge two years ago.

According to an interview in El Popular, the singer could return to those genres as he recommended to his fans to explore this musical style that he likes so much.

In 2014, the singer of "Azul" appeared with his group in "Vive Latino", making it clear that he was serious about going “rock” and that he is a fan of this musical genre, which is why he recommends some metal bands.

During one of the promotional videos of his band, singer looked a little different in his attitude although he always kept his voice intact despite the change of genre.

According to El Popular, he talked about his musical tastes in rock and even recommended some of his favorite bands. Warpaint, Soulfly, Machine Head, Tool, Static-X and even Primavera are one of the many groups that Cristian Castro considers as his favorites and which he recommends his fans listen to, to understand his phase as a metalhead.

La Esfinge released only one album in 2014, which is entitled "El Cantar de la Muerte" and includes such songs as "Beso Negro", "Purgatorio" and "Que Te Salves".