Cristina Saralegui has been absent from our television screens since her Telemundo talk show "Pa'lante Con Cristina" was brutally canceled following dismal ratings. Now the 66-year-old host has given an exclusive interview to Univision's "Despierta América" where she made some strong revelations and exposed her alcoholic problems and the main reason she is no longer on the small screen. Paola Gutierrez interviewed the veteran personality and the morning show ran a preview of the sit down. "I felt as the size of an ant," she said remembering how she felt after her show was given the boot. "Maybe God sent that to me so I could learn not to be so arrogant.

Saralegui was once a staple on Hispanic tv thanks to "Cristina," a daily talk show featuring a variety of social issues. She came under fire multiple times being accused of hiring fake panelists to be featured on the talker. Cristina confirms that all the people that were on her show were real and based on real cases. But it was when Gutierrez asked a deep question when Cristina revealed a hidden truth. "When did you realize that drinking had become a problem for you, an addiction?" she asked. The Cuban celebrity did not dodge the bullet and replied, "When my husband told me, 'you know what, you are too heavy,' and it was the truth. I have a bad problem and I can't continue like this and because of him and my children I decided to stop."

Cristina left Univision in 2010 when her contract was not renewed by executives, when she claimed they didn't want her anymore. Months later she resurfaced on rival network Telemundo with a weekly show that aired on Sunday. It wasn't too long after that the show was canceled due to high costs and low ratings, ending an era for Cristina on television. The exclusive interview will air on Monday, October 13 during "Despierta América" where she will reveal many juicy details. We can't help but wonder if this is her opening the door to Univision for a possible comeback to the network. We sure miss her exclusive interviews with celebrities where she made them cry and confess their deepest, darkest secret.s