'Que Pobres Tan Ricos' Finale Univision Spoilers
The Univision hit telenovela comes to a close today in México with the faith of the characters played by Jaime Camil and Zuria Vega being sealed. Find out what happened here! Televisa

Today Mexico said goodbye to their National Soccer team at the World Cup in Brazil, but they are also saying farewell to the beloved characters of "Que Pobres Tan Ricos." The telenovela starring Jaime Camil and Zuria Vega airs stateside on Univision with only a couple weeks difference. In both nations, the comedy has been a hit due to its humor and hilarious characters. One of the subplots of this soap has Eugenio Derbez's son José Eduardo Derbez in a same-sex relationship with actor Diego de Erice. During the finale they both allegedly share a kiss to close off their storyline that didn't sit well with Televisa executives and ordered producer Rosy Ocampo to cut the scene. After the controversy erupted, onight we will find out what happens to these two characters and the rest of the cast. Follow along with us below and tell us what your favorite part was! Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!

The finale has Perla Ivette Menchaca winning a beauty pageant, but is disqualified because she is a professional model. Second place goes to Frida Ruiz Palacios (Natasha Dupeyrón). Ana Sofía (Silvia Pasquel) has a heart to heart with her son Leo (Diego de Erice) and tells her he is disappointed in her because she lied and stole money, having not learned a lesson after losing their money. Although Frida won the pageant, she gives the crown to Perla Ivette being as they are friends. Ana Sofia insults her high society friends and runs them out of her house because they truly are not her friends like the Menchaca family. Bobby Pulido makes a special appearance during the finale singing a duet with Tizoc. Ana Sofía arrives at the Menchacha household to tell them something very serious.

Minerva (Ingrid Martz) meets a rich older man through Facebook and goes out on a date. She tells him that the man she's with has to earn a minimum of $500,000 USD a month. Ana Sofia asks for forgiveness to the Menchacha's, she says that that has been the only place she never felt alone and didn't end up on the streets. She also confesses that she was the one that stole their money, not Miguel Angel (Jaime Camil). Tizó tells Frida he wants to study sound engineering and she tells him that they offer that course at the university she will be attending and that he should enroll. Leo learns that Diego Armando (José Eduardo Derbez) is leaving to the U.S. and confronts him in front of his family as to why he didn't tell him. Diego Armando tells him that he wants to follow his dreams and will not change his plans for him. Leo invites him to go to the fair before he leaves and they hold hands to face their family, showing off their love for each other.

Alejo (Mark Tacher) is sentenced to 70 years in prison and has a heart attack. Vilma (Tiaré Scanda) goes back to the scene where Alejo was buried to dig him back up, alleging that doctors want to study his brain. Miguel Angel proposes to Lupita (Zuria Vega) in the middle of the wrestling ring. She naturally accepts with Los Angeles Azules playing live in the background. Isela is faking being crazy, byyyyyyyeeeeee! Ana Sofia tells Guadalupe that she is the ideal woman for Mikelangelo because she can see in her sons eyes that he really loves her. Minerva stars a job as a waitress on rollerskates and claims to "love" the family restaurant atmosphere. Vilma kidnaps Alejo and chains him up. "I will take care of you for the rests of your days. You know why? Because I love you," she says as she walks away and locks up the door.

Time passes by and we are now at Lupita and Miguel Angel's wedding. After the wedding more time passes and we see Ana Sofia at a rehab center accepting she is an alcoholic. Perla Ivette graduates from high school. Tizoc enrolls at the university Frida is studying at and has now become a succesful musician filming his first music video. We meet their baby as well. Gabriel Soto makes a special cameo as they cut the ribbon for their new restaurant. Chuy and Carmelita become lovers. Leo and Diego Armando chat over cam and the latter tells him "I love you." Minerva and Isela now work as waitresses at the Menchacha restaurant. Miguel Angel talks directly to the audience about respecting one another in a touching speech. At the end everyone poses for a camera, poor, rich... FIN.

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