Tobias Menzies will taking over Matt Smith’s role of Prince Philip in “The Crown” Season 3. In a recent interview, the actor teased some details about his character, and what the fans can expect to see on the show this year.

Relationships have always been at the core of the show, and that will continue in Season 3. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Menzies said that as far as his character and Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) are concerned, their relationship is in a “settled place.” However, the couple will still face challenges.

The problems that Philip and Elizabeth will face will be external. Philip’s mother, played by Jane Lapotaire, will come to live with the couple and this will lead to some “complications” for Menzies’ character.

“[In] his teenage years, his mother went through various mental health issues, and religious delusions, and quite a lot of stuff went on, and essentially he was just farmed around to extended family members,” Menzies said about his character. Philip will be reminded about this painful childhood when his mother comes to visit in “The Crown” Season 3.

Philip faces problems when it comes to dealing with the press. Later on in the show, he will be faced with some midlife crisis after seeing the moon landing. He will start to question what he has achieved in life.

With all that is going on Philip’s life, there will be little room for his son Charles (Josh O’Connor). Menzies admitted that his character spends very little time with Charles in this season, but he explained that he personally doesn’t think that his character is a “negligent father.”

“The Crown” Season 3 premieres on November 17, 2019 on Netflix. First-look pictures of the show were previously released on Entertainment Weekly, giving the fans a sneak peek of some of the scenes.

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Philip and Elizabeth will face new challenges in "The Crown" Season 3. The Crown/Facebook

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