Things are heating up on “CSI: Vegas” with Maxine Roby (Paula Newsome) getting suspended for going beyond her capacity. It was a different but unsurprising twist as efforts to prove the innocence of David Hodges (Wallace Langham).

No less than Anson Wix (Jamie McShane) is being singled out as the one behind the suspension of Roby, with Gil Grissom (William Petersen) and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) getting too close for comfort. Hodges somehow rubbed more salt when he tried to confront Wix at a familiar spot.

The suspension of Roby will likely hamper the efforts of Grissom, Sara and Chris Park (Jay Lee) who has been quietly helping out in the Hodge case. But it appears another CSI will be playing a pivotal role to help cover for the suspended Maxine Roby.

Joshua Folsom (Matt Lauria), has been the odd but intelligent one in the mix – applying unusual but intelligent methods to help in various CSI cases.

Folsom looks up and holds high respect for Roby who is like a big sister to him. Although she is not the head of CSI anymore, Roby is expected to pull strings and Folsom will be a key person in seeking justice for the framed Hodges. Lauria gave a slight preview on things to come on TV Fanatic.

However, Lauria adds that it will be a risky move and could get Folsom in trouble with some cohorts of Wix.

Folsom will be a key addition as Roby does her own work. She has shown some of the things she can do as a CSI and the suspension could give her more time to work on the case and bring down Wix and all those involved.

With the finale fast approaching, expect more twists on CSI Vegas. As things stand now, it has become a chess match between Wix and the crime lab and the next move will happen in the next episode.

 Matt Lauria
Matt Lauria Getty Images | Rick Kern for Entertainment Weekly

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