Cuban migrants
A group of Cubans and a dog arrive safely in Miami after a six day journey emigrating the island. Instagram / @isolinatutu, @cbaraton

Beachgoers, who were soaking in the sunny skies and beaches of Miami, were in for a surprise Tuesday morning after observing a group of 12 Cubans arrive to Miami Beach via a sailboat.

The brave Cuban migrants, which consisted of 11 men, one teenage girl and one dog named Chiquitica, arrived safely to U.S. soil after their nearly week-long journey. According to the group, who fled from Villa Clara in central Cuba, they spent two days lost at sea. However, their six-day long venture came to an end when they made a safe landfall on South Beach near the luxury Setai Hotel.

Many locals and tourists captured the impacting moment on their camera phones. Facebook user Ana T. Diaz, for instance, shared two videos on her profile page. One of the videos shows the moment where a supportive crowd is cheering the group of migrants and welcoming them to the United States. The other video shows one of the migrants stating that they went "six days without eating" but survived on "water and nuts." The same gentleman, who appeared to be in healthy condition, ecstatically announced that this group of Cubans is "making history in Miami."

According to The Miami Herald, the group of Cubans will most likely be able to stay in the states via a U.S. policy known as the wet-foot, dry-foot.

Un grupo de cubanos entrando esta mañana por The Setai Hotel en south beach, gracias a Dios lo lograron.

Posted by Ana T. Díaz on Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Posted by Ana T. Díaz on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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