Daniela Castro Talks About 'Cuna De Lobos'
We adored her on 'Lo Que La Vida Me Robó' and now Daniela Castro might have a chance to play an iconic villainous role in the 'Cuna de Lobos' remake. Televisa

Daniela Castro is one of Mexico's most adored actresses for starring in telenovela classics like "Cañaveral De Pasiones" and "Cadenas De Amargura." As of late the 45-year-old actress has focused on villainous roles like on "Pasión," "Una Familia Con Suerte," "Mi Pecado" and "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó." The latter drama scored big for Castro as she was an integral part of the storyline and the main reason why the protagonists Montserrat (Angelique Boyer) and Alejandro Almonte (Sebastián Rulli) couldn't fulfill their love. Although as Graciela she was the most evil person you could imagine and you would never want her in your life, the audience responded positively to that character. People loved her catchphrase "te hace falta Jesús" and became a lovable character, which is something not many actors can have. Only Daniela Castro was able to transform an evil character into one that the public loved.

If we look back at some of the most hated but loved villains in telenovela history, there's no doubt about it that Catalina Creel from "Cuna De Lobos" will be in the top 5. The character played magnificently by María Rubio is one for the ages and since the telenovela ended in 1987, no other actress in México has dared taken on the role. Creel was so powerful and iconic that Rubio has said it made it difficult for her to take on other projects because people identify her with the character. With Televisa producers out of ideas, it has been thrown out there that it's time for a remake. Years ago Salvador Mejía, producer of telenovelas like "La Madrastra" and "La Tempestad," shot a pilot episode for a series adaptation titled "Por Derecho de Sangre." In this version Rebecca Jones played Catalina Creel with William Levy and Danna Garcia cast in other roles. Ultimately the television executives passed on the mini-series and the project was killed off.

Talks of a telenovela form adaptation have surged again and one of the names that has been thrown out there to take on the legendary role is our Daniela Castro. Recently Primero Noticias approached the actress and asked her if she would agree to be in a "Cuna De Lobos" remake. "It would be an honor, a pleasure," she said. "They have not asked me to do it and I think that they are giving me time because yes, this character... wow! it's very complicated." That sounds like she would be thrilled to be part of a new version of the telenovela. We would love to see Daniela as a villain again and we know she would be amazing. Graciela was a hypocrite that lied to her family to get what she wanted and Catalina Creel is the same way, faking that she lost an eye in order to gain compassion from her family. Does that ring a bell? On "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" Graciela faked having cancer to get on Montserrat's good side. Do you think Daniela Castro would be a good Catalina Creel?

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