Two more women have apparently come forward with sexual assault charges against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after a report revealed that he harassed almost a dozen women and refused to hire women who were not "beautiful enough."

Following an inquiry by the state's attorney general, the New York governor was accused of misbehaving against 11 women. Nine of whom were workers, despite his denial of the conclusions of a 168-page report on sexual harassment.

On Monday, two more women apparently had their own charges. But the inquiry into Cuomo was ended, according to The New York Post.

According to the report, the two unidentified ladies "were referred to local law enforcement authorities." It was also unclear what claims they were making.

Cuomo, who has so far defied calls to quit and is facing impeachment by the New York legislature, was accused of breaching the law and repeatedly harassing his former secretary Brittany Commisso.

"He broke the law," she said of Mr Cuomo, who has denied allegations that he fondled his 32-year-old assistant when they were alone together at the Executive Mansion in November 2020. "[He] needs to be held accountable."

Commisso went on to accuse the 63-year-old of lying about her being the "initiator" of embraces, which he said was typical behavior between coworkers and loved ones last week in an interview with "CBS This Morning," which aired on Monday.

Cuomo has been accused of touching Commisso's breast and fondling her while snapping a selfie. Commisso claimed his hand went down her back onto my butt, and he started rubbing it. It's not going to slide. Not just swiftly brushing over it – caressing my buttocks."

That interview came after Melissa DeRosa, a top Cuomo assistant, resigned on Sunday. She described serving the people of New York as "the greatest honor of my life." Still, she added that the "last two years have been emotionally and mentally demanding" for her personally.

Karen Hinton, Cuomo's former staffer from 1997 to 2001, claimed in an interview with The New York Post on Monday that he refused to recruit a woman because she was "not pretty enough" — over two decades before the charges made by the state's attorney general last week.

Hinton, who was Cuomo's press assistant at the time, claimed Cuomo was "aroused" when he hugged the staffer in a Los Angeles hotel room in 2000. He was also said to find former President Bill Clinton's sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky "amusing." Mr. Cuomo served as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for President Bill Clinton.

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Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo speaks during a news conference at the Jacob Javits Convention Center during the Coronavirus pandemic on March 30, 2020 in New York City. The Army Corps of Engineers constructed the temporary hospital with nearly 3,000 beds in the convention center to serve patients not seeking medical attention for coronavirus (COVID-19) but for other ailments. Noam Galai/Getty Images

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