The local Forest Hills community in Queens, New York continues to mourn the untimely death of delivery person Zhiwen Yan on Sunday, as his potential killer may have been a disgruntled customer who was once annoyed by the amount of duck sauce served to them.

Zhiwen Yan, 45 years old, was killed while driving his scooter on Saturday night during a food delivery for the local Chinese restaurant Great Wall. As the restaurant closed in respect of Yan, a memorial for the man appeared outside the establishment to commemorate his life as one of the more recognizable faces in the community, according to Forest Hills Post.

Yan, who worked as a delivery person for Great Wall Restaurant for more than a decade, was a beloved figure in the Forest Hills community. After his death hit the news, many community leaders and elected officials visited his widow Eve Zhao to console her of his death.

“This is a terrible and horrific tragedy and my heart aches for the victim’s loved ones,” Congressmember Grace Meng said. “This delivery worker was working hard, trying to earn a living to support his family when he was senselessly shot and killed.”

“The victim of this horrific crime was known throughout our communities, and his memory will be a blessing to all who knew him,” a joint statement from three elected officials in the area said.

Police are still chasing leads in their investigation of Yan’s death. While they originally believed that Yan was killed by a stray bullet, they are also investigating the possibility that Yan was murdered by a disgruntled customer, the New York Post reported.

Kai Yang, the proprietor of Great Wall on Queens and the victim's employer, explained a recent incident where a customer, who was unsatisfied with the amount of duck sauce he received, pulled out a gun in the establishment when he wasn’t getting his way. Yan was among the people in the restaurant who tackled the customer when he pulled the gun out.

The suspect, who remains unnamed, reportedly stalked the staff of the restaurant after the duck sauce incident, and would go around addressing the people he believed wronged him with the phrase “I remember you.”

Local police have yet to charge the unidentified man for any crime involving Yan’s death. While many are focusing on Yan’s loss of life, the Great Wall Restaurant has refused to open its store until the killer has been caught.

“We are not opening till [Yan’s killer] is caught,” Kai Yang said.

Zhiwen Yan, an immigrant from China who worked as a delivery person for more than a decade, was killed during a food delivery run by a stray bullet that may or may not have come from a disgruntled customer. This is a representational image. Khachik Simonian/Unsplash.

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