Daisy Coleman the Missouri teenage at the center of last year’s high profile rape case has been hospitalized after an apparent suicide attempt. Her mother rushed Coleman to the hospital on Sunday night after she allegedly took some pills in an attempt to end her own life. Reports say Coleman’s mother forced the girl to vomit and then rushed her to the hospital where she is now in stable condition. At the age of 14 Daisy Coleman accused a boy from her high school of raping her at a party.

The rape case received national attention and placed Coleman in the spotlight with some questioning her accusation. The case was closed and then reopened after it received widespread attention after an article detailing the girl’s struggle came out in the Kansas City Star. The article titled “Nightmare in Maryville” outlines Coleman’s two-year ordeal and questions how officials handled the case. The piece also points out that the accused had a strong political connection. Coleman’s mother said that for the first time in a long time Daisy asked to go to a party.

The party took place over the weekend and Coleman’s mother said her daughter only remained at the party for an hour. “She has been through so much and she has done so little,” Coleman’s mother told the Daily Mail. “All the other kids are out partying and doing all this stuff and she isn’t, she’s at home with me all the time.” Following the party Coleman went home and check Facebook where she would find comments from people who attended the party calling her names and saying she wanted to be raped.

People on Facebook told Coleman she was “a fake and a phony,” they left comments like “you wanted it,” and “you’re a slut” all because she was seen at the party. “The second they see her at a party for five minutes drinking a Redbull it’s all over Facebook and they’re tearing her to shreds,” Coleman’s mother said. Coleman had been cyber bullied since she first made the rape accusation in January 2012. After she decided to come forward members of her community including classmates and adults terrorized the teen.

Charges against Coleman’s accused rapist Matthew Barnett were dropped. Following a string of media appearances in October to help raise awareness for the case the bullying only got worse for both Daisy and her mom. “They just wont leave her alone, Literally, I have a large grocery bag full of the messages that I’ve printed off Facebook,” Daisy’s mother said. The bullying after the party became too much for Coleman and she attempted to commit suicide. The girl remains in the hospital where she is recovering but reports say it is possible the attempt caused brain damage.