The woman who filed a lawsuit claiming that Dallas Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones is her biological father has reportedly dropped her claim. However, she will instead look to legally establish that Jones is her parent.

The woman, identified as Alexandra Davis, said in court documents that she is instead resorting to genetic testing to verify the parent-child relationship.

“Alexandra has just decided that she wants to go ahead and proceed with parentage and DNA testing,” Jay Gray, one of Davis’ lawyers, said. “She wants to remove any doubts that Jerry’s her father.”

The turn of events comes a day before a scheduled hearing in the previous lawsuit filed by Davis against Jones. Her attorneys asked the judge to dismiss this without prejudice, Dallas News reported.

The camp of Jones declined to comment on the matter as of this writing.

In the lawsuit that was filed by Davis on Mar. 3, she claimed that Jones and her mother allegedly had a relationship back in the mid-1990s. Jones and the mother of Davis reached a settlement where the former would support the latter and her child.

However, this was on the condition that the child would not publicly identify Jones as the father.

A lawyer reportedly made payments on behalf of Jones to Davis and her mother, allegedly millions of dollars. However, an additional $20 million was demanded from Jones by the woman some years ago.

The lawsuit filed by Davis was branded one of many monetary extortion attempts targeting Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. However, Davis’ lawyer has repeatedly denied the extortion allegations.

Further, the lawyers of Jones claim that the lawsuit was filed in the wrong court. They said that, because of the parentage allegations, the lawsuit should’ve been filed in family court rather than civil court.

The lawsuit and the new parentage action are among the many difficulties Jones and the Cowboys have faced this offseason.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones Getty Images | Richard Rodriguez

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