Dania Ramirez Holiday Plans: Actress Reveals How She's Giving Back This Season, Wants You To Join Her! [EXCLUSIVE]

Dania Ramírez
Dania Ramirez has been committed to multiple social causes this year and with the Holidays around the corner, she wants you to join her in giving back to those who need it the most! Getty Images

The talented Latin actress Dania Ramirez is super excited about this Holiday season in which she will celebrate  Christmas with her twins Gaia and John, but especially because she has teamed up with multinational toy company Mattel, donating toys for “Boys & Girls Clubs of America” in California.

Dania talked to Latin Times in an exclusive interview where she shared this new adventure that supports an interesting cause that she also uses to encourage her kids to give back. The actress explained how she struggled during her childhood in Dominican Republic and how these memories inspired her to be grateful and contribute in any way she can.

'I’ve always wanted to be part of any cause where I could give back. That’s why I started my own foundation called 'The Sunshine Movement,' and the feeling is just amazing. This year, I was able to do some research and found “Boys And Girls Club” and their amazing labor in Burbank."

The Boys & Girls Clubs help out 4 millions kids nationwide with a long list of Latinos within the organization. This Friday, December 16, Mattel and Dania will donate $10,000 in Mattel’s most popular toys ( Barbie Fashionista, Hot Wheels Ai and the Mega Bloks Food Truck) making some kids rejoice and giving them the chance to recreate and play with their imagination for a better future.

Ms. Ramirez encourages Latinos from all over the world to join and help kids on The Boys & Girls Clubs website or make your own way to be grateful with life by returning to the ones in need.

"I remember being very young back in my hometown and wishing to play with a Barbie but that didn’t happen because my family didn’t have money to buy one," she said.

As a mother of twins, Dania professes that this initiative and everything she does is for their children and their future.

"I love my kids. Their very outdoorsy. They’re very different. They always look out for each other. This is the best experience and feeling. I can’t describe it.  Just by mentioning their names I just feel really excited, they’ve been such a blessing in my life. In everything I do with my foundation or the Organization, I think about them," she confessed.

She also revealed that she's planning to stay in the States for the Holidays and as she will celebrate "El Día De Los Reyes" Dominican style, to show her kids her country tradition and to make them enjoy. On that particular day of January, she will also give baskets to newborn babies' mothers as a way to celebrate their new life. 

Looking towards 2017, she will be doing a cameo in the film "Galileo," directed by Jay Silverman and staring Santino Fontana and Maria Conchita Alonso; and her own movie project "Lycan," where she’ll play the lead role, Isabela Cruz, a woman with Lycanthropy, the psychosis where people believe they’re turning into werewolves.

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