Daniel Rabinovich
Daniel Rabinovich, a member of Argentinean group "Les Luthiers", strikes a pose before a news conference in Madrid February 26, 2007. Reuters

Daniel Rabinovich, member of the Argentinian comedy group “Les Luthiers,” passed away this Friday after loosing the battle against cardiac disease. He was 71. Rabinovich had been fighting the illness for a while and the delicate nature of his situation forced him to leave the entertainment life.

Rabinovich became a member of “Les Luthiers” since its very beginning in 1967, and was one of its most popular members next to Marcos Mundstock. He always stood out for his impeccable sense of humor and musical talents such as, playing the guitar, the violin and other corky instruments.

“Neneco” (as his close friends called him) leaves behind life partner Susi and his two children. Many of his closest friends mourn his death today: Joan Manuel Serrat, Jorge Valdano, Quino, Colombian journalist Daniel Sampler, and Enrique Moreno, who will always remember him as a true friend.

We can’t forget about the rest of “Les Luthiers:” Jorge Maronna, Marcos Mundstock, Carlos López Puccio and Carlos Núñez Cortés who will continue to bring Rabinovich’s presence and humor to the public with their show.

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