Danna Paola is experiencing one of her best career moments as a star of the Mexican version of the Broadway musical, "Wicked," that has received positive reviews. The 18-year-old actress also scored the starring role of "Saving Sara Cruz," a remake of "The Bodyguard" that Selena Gomez also auditioned for. Paola was also cast as one of the three female leads of Televisa's new primetime telenovela "Hasta El Fin Del Mundo" from the "Amores Verdaderos" and "Soy Tu Dueña" producers. Due to her very busy agenda, she ultimately had to bow out of the project as scheduling issues wouldn't allow her to film her first movie in Hollywood and tape the Mexican series. 

Now the production headed by Nicandro Diaz had to re-audition young girls to replace Danna and caused a delay in the project. Televisa is upset at the "Atrevete a Soñar" star for leaving the series and has subsequently banned her. "Todo Para La Mujer" co-host Alex Kaffie who also hosts gossip show "Pasillo TV" mentioned on the radio show that the network issued a memo where they prohibit their shows from mentioning Danna Paola. None of the Televisa produced shows is able to talk about the singer and actress, effectively ignoring all of her projects and giving her any press. This policy is common practice for the No. 1 Mexican network that operates four over-the-air television stations and multiple cable channels. Danna has bigger aspirations and if she takes off in Hollywood, she won't need to worry about Televisa's practices.

"Hasta El Fin Del Mundo" is based on the Argentine telenovela "Dulce amor" by Quique Estevañez, Marcelo Nacci and Laura Barneix that was produced in 2012. The production is from the same people that made "Amor en custodia" which was the basis of Nicandro's last melodrama, "Amores verdaderos." The premise of this novela revolves around the Bandi sisters, who own a famous candy factory, but face a tough economic time. Victoria, the oldest sister, is the one responsible of the family business along with her boyfriend Lorenzo. What she doesn't know is that her lover is actually working behind her back and scheming to make the business fail. One day she hires Marcos, a former race car driver, as her driver and soon a special bond starts to form to her disliking. "Hasta El Fin Del Mundo" is set to start production in April with a premiere date for August of this year.