The ongoing case on the death of Daunte Wright who was shot by a Minneapolis police officer on Sunday has brought to light court papers showing a warrant for his arrest at the time of his death. According to court documents, Wright had choked a woman and threatened to shoot her if she did not hand over the money she had stuffed in her bra amounting to $820.

The 20-year-old Black man had an open warrant for his arrest along with another man, identified as Emajay Maurice Driver, who was a high school acquaintance. Both the men were charged with first-degree aggravated robbery in Osseso Minnesota back in December 2019, Fox News reported.

Wright and Driver went to a party at an apartment about 5 miles from Brooklyn Center, where Wright was fatally shot. Around 2:30 am, the female residents of the home where the party was held said the two needed to leave. However they said they did not have a ride and so were allowed to spend the night.

The morning after, one of the women stepped out to get money to pay her roommate her share for the rent and after doing so left for work. 

While Wright and Driver were waiting for their rides, Wright allegedly blocked the door, preventing the other woman from leaving. Wright then allegedly pulled a black handgun and pointed it at her then demanded her to hand over the $820.

Refusing to do so, the woman exchanged words with Wright and he replied: "Give me the f---ing money, I know you have it. I’m not playing around." 

He then allegedly choked the woman while trying to pull the cash out from inside her bra. They got into a scuffle as she reportedly screamed at them to get out. In her court statement, Wright allegedly told her: "Give me the money and we will leave, give me the money and we will go."

The woman kept screaming and told them the cops were nearby. Unable to get the money, the two men left the apartment, got into a white Cadillac, and left the scene.

Wright was arrested but was later released with a previous $100,000 bail that was reduced to $40,000. Under the condition of his release, he was prohibited from any contact with the victim and witnesses as well as refrain from drugs and alcohol. He was also not allowed to possess a firearm.

A bond bailsman had paid for his release. But his bail was revoked in July last year as he failed to keep the condition of not possessing a firearm as well as failing to keeping in touch with his probation officer. At that time a judge issued a warrant for his arrest which was still outstanding on the day he was shot and killed. 

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