Argentinian actor David Chocarro followed the new Instagram trend challenge called “Desafio Baila” and posted the video with a sexy shirtless moment at the beginning.

On the video, he appears in front of a mirror and then starts walking seeing some people dancing to the Jason Derulo challenge song. The video is very funny and it seems it was recorded in a hotel room. Later you can see Chocarro dancing along actress and host Carola Ursen, making it a very hot partner dance.

The challenge was taken from Julian Zucchi and Matias Napp, who nominated Chocarro, and he nominated Monica Ayos, Diego Olivera and Joaquín Alvarez.

David currently has a lead role on Telemundo new Telenovela “La Doña,” alongside Araceli Arambula and Danna Paola.

In a recent interview with the actor talked about the controversial topic treated on the soap opera which circulates around gender violence.

“Very rarely you have a fiction in your hands with which you can also advice, because it is an original story, an adaptation in a modern time with real cases. The gender violence shown throughout the story of the whole series are real cases, taken from social networks, out of concrete news and there is much parallelism,” he confessed.

Watch "La Doña" first episode: