‘De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero’ Univision Spoilers Week 2: Carmen Arrested For Drug Trafficking; Natalia Offered Money To Leave Diego

De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero Week 2 Spoilers
"De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero" is Univision's new primetime novela starring Livia Brito and Juan Diego Covarrubias airing weeknights at 7pm ET/PT. Televisa

"De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero" premiered this week on the Univision network in primetime and viewers have gotten a glimpse of the thrilling story. The telenovela stars Livia Brito and Juan Diego Covarrubias in their first leading roles, supported by a cast that includes Cynthia Klitbo, Aarón Hernán, Esmeralda Pimentel, Marisol Del Olmo, Daniela Luján and Marcelo Córdoba. During the first week we already saw how Natalia and Diego met and the extremes that the evil scheming twin brother Rodrigo will go to, to get what he wants. The drama does not stop there as the second week, the storylines will intensify, with the main protagonist receiving a tempting offer to stay away from her new found love and another character being framed for drug trafficking. Check out our Week 2 spoilers down below!

Episode 6: Carlos invites Carmen to dinner at a restaurant and there, she sees Eleazar kissing another woman. Diego asks them to hire Natalia and offer her a good salary so she doesn’t reject the position. Natalia gets to Diego’s office and is shocked to see he will be her boss if she accepts the job. Father Juancho asks Diego to stop bothering Natalia because she doesn’t want to see him. Diana asks Diego why a priest visited him and why he lectured him for stalking a woman. Episode 7: Diana confesses to her friend that she has a lover. Natalia tells Carmen, her mother, that Diego’s grandfather came to see her and offered her money to stop bothering Diego. Carmen, offended, tells Natalia that she will go see Don Vicente to confront him for offending her. Diego reproaches his grandfather, Don Vicente, for going to see Natalia and asks him never to meddle in his life again.

Episode 8: Carlos invites Carmen for a stroll and, when they are alone, he takes the opportunity to propose to her by giving her an engagement ring. Vicente confronts Irene for being such a bad daughter and tells her he regrets letting his wife adopt her. Irene is very hurt by his father’s words and goes to a mall. There, she finds Natalia in a quartz kiosk (mother and daughter meet for the first time, but don’t know it). Natalia gives her a quartz stone and tells her it will help her be strong and overcome her sadness. Irene tells her she has been like an angel to her. Tadeo goes to Irene’s house and she tells him to leave because she has nothing to talk to him about. Vicente confronts Tadeo for showing up after so many years and tell him that he is shameless for coming back to look for Irene after he got her pregnant and left her. Tadeo is shocked because he didn’t know and asks about his son. Vicente tells him he died.

Episode 9: Carlos and Carmen are going on a trip around the Caribbean together. Carlos calls her and tells her she will have to go by herself because something came up and he can’t go. Carmen goes to the airport afraid of travelling alone. When she is checking in, she realizes there are some bags exactly like hers and asks the attendant to be careful not to confuse them. When she goes through security, the sniffer dogs detect drugs on some bags. Eleazar is in a raid at the airport because he believes he is about to catch a drug gang. They call him and tell him they have found some bags with drugs. Eleazar gets to the checkpoint and realizes Carmen is the woman being detained for drug trafficking.

Episode 10: All of Carmen’s children are perplexed because they don’t know why they are arresting their mother. They inform Natalia that her mother has been arrested for drug trafficking. As a coincidence, Diego is at the airport because he went there to get a client and bumps into Natalia and finds out her mother has been arrested. Diego calls a friend who is a lawyer and asks him to take care of Carmen’s case. When Natalia finds out Diego hired the lawyer, she refuses to accept him. An intense week is coming up on "De Que Te Quiero, Te Quiero" which you can watch Monday through Friday at 7pm/6c on Univision.

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