You might be thinking or feeling you are too old too old to dress up for Halloween, and that’s okay, but what if you keep or start new traditions in your home? With all the crazy things happening in the world, keeping the excitement about the holidays is vital to not become coldblooded people.

Your family, friends and neighbors will love if you transform the spaces according to the season. Turn your home into a not-so-spooky but charming area with a seasonal twist.

Metallic skulls are a super trendy and they definitely add a chic touch to any coffee table or book shelf. Etsy has a huge selection of skulls, from candles, passing to wall art to ceramic you can find the inspiration you need. JCPenney also offers very dope skulls and sugar skulls! They are perfect if you like to celebrate Dia de los Muertos or simply like the vibrant colors of the Catrinas.

Doormats are also a great addition to your front door. Your guests can start feeling the magic from your entrance. And what is Halloween or fall in general without pumpkins?  This round, with smooth, slightly ribbed skin, and deep yellow to orange coloration squash is the definition of autumn. Pumpkins can be found pretty much everywhere. Pier1 Imports has a wide selection of art glass pumpkins and MacKenzie-Childs pumpkin patch collection is out of this world. All of their autumn accents are so beautiful that you simply will feel like getting your cozy sweaters, warm the apple cider, and seat in your living room for hours just to enjoy your fall vignettes.

So if you already feel spooky-chic inspired then the essentials below will have you Fall ready with gorgeous rich hues and the coziest hygge for your home:

Black Sugar Skull-Shaped Pillow Black Sugar Skull-Shaped Pillow JCPenney Cathy's Concepts Skull 4-pc Cathy's Concepts Skull Stemless Wine Glass JCPenney Cathy'S Concepts Sugar Skull 64-Oz Cathy'S Concepts Sugar Skull Craft Beer Growler JCPenney White Sugar Skull-Shaped Pillow White Sugar Skull-Shaped Pillow JCPenney

6ft Pumpkin Outdoor Inflatable Pumpkin Outdoor Inflatable JCPenney Happy Pumpkin Doormat Happy Pumpkin Doormat JCPenney Trick or Treat Cat Square Decorative Pillow Trick or Treat Cat Square Decorative Pillow JCPenney Pirates of the Caribbean Cheesecloth Pirates of the Caribbean Cheesecloth JCPenney

  • Chic Pumpkin Makeover Décor: Patch and dotty pumpkin autumn accents are beautiful additions to your fall table and home decoration from MacKenzie-Childs.

Dotty Pumpkin So much fun to display on an entry console or autumn tabletop! The delicate gold spots on the Ivory Dotty Pumpkin take your fall decor beyond the basic black-and-orange color scheme. Mackenzie-Childs Spookarella Pumpkin Cart It’s as if a fairy godmother waved her wand to create this magical Small Spookarella Pumpkin Cart. Displayed on a shelf or incorporated into a larger Halloween setup, it’s sure to be a scene-stealer that won’t expire at the strike of midnight. Additional Information Mackenzie-Childs Falling Leaves Pumpkin Feels like we wait all year for autumn’s arrival...and with it comes a MacKenzie-Childs twist on seasonal style. Our Small Falling Leaves Pumpkin features the broad black and white strokes of our signature Courtly Checks®; a curlicue stem; and a handful of oak, maple, and elm leaves, all rendered in hues of bronze. MacKenzie-Childs Crow on Pumpkin Bottle Stopper Bottle up the best brews thanks to our playful Crow on Pumpkin Bottle Stopper. This little beauty will look lovely on your bar, or pair it with a bottle of vino for a perfect hostess gift for your favorite connoisseur. MacKenzie-Childs