Syfy hit series "Defiance: A New Earth With New Rules" is set to have a panel at New York Comic Con 2013 this year. The science fiction series developed by Rockne S. O'Bannon, Kevin Murphy, and Michael Taylor has been a transmedia success with story lines crossing over to video games that continue the story arc set forth by the series. Supervising Producer and Director Michael Nankin will be at the panel joined by the stars of the show like Grant Bowler (Nolan), Julie Benz (Amanda Rosewater), Jaime Murray (Stahma Tarr) and Stephanie Leonidas (Irisa). The panel will be focused on discussing the backstory and creation of "Defiance" and will see exclusive behind-the-scenes details of how the first season was shot. A DVD is set to be released on October 15th to catch up before the sophomore season begins. For those fans that cannot wait for the second series to start June 2014, details and spoilers from what is to come will be discussed at the main event. The panel and preview will take place Sunday, October 13 on the Main Stage 1-D starting at 11am ET. Watch the live stream as it happens down below.

The show takes place in the year 2046, as Earth has radically changed as we know it today. Over thirty years after various alien races arrived on Earth, the landscape is completely altered, terraformed nearly beyond recognition. To the town of Defiance, on what used to be St. Louis, comes the mysterious Nolan (Grant Bowler) and his charge, Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas). As they settle into town – overseen by the mayor, Amanda Rosewater (Julie Benz) and filled with residents like the powerful Rafe McCawley (Graham Greene), enterprising lounge owner Kenya (Mia Kirshner) and the ambitious, alien Tarrs (Tony Curran and Jaime Murray) - events begin to unfold that threaten the fragile peace this border town has fought for. A unique aspect of this show is how the fictional world takes new life in a video game that goes back and impacts the show itself. In the game players take on the role of Ark Hunters, specialists in survival, combat and tracking who brave dangerous frontiers to retrieve lost relics of advanced or alien origin in return for great financial rewards (The Arks are the ships that brought the aliens to Earth). Players can search for Arks on their own, simultaneously join tens of thousands of other players for missions or just explore the fully realized, future world of Defiance (it's really, really big). Custom character creation allows players to adopt a human or alien appearance for their Ark Hunter. With weapons, armor and special abilities that evolve with experience, Defiance is a gaming experience that must be played to be believed.


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