Demi Lovato faces another challenge after the singer splits from boyfriend Henry Levy. The singer, however, is moving on with confidence as she sent herself flowers and a sweet note. Lovato is also singing her heart out along a metal track.

Lovato faced all sorts of challenges back in 2018. The toughest might be her struggle with substance abuse. Last year, the Disney alum was found unconscious in her home and was rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles after a suspected heroin overdose.

Clearly, Lovato grew stronger and learned from her past. Recently, news broke on Lovato and boyfriend Henry Levy splitting up after four months of dating. E! News claimed that the breakup was encouraged by Lovato’s family. The family disapproves of Lovato getting into relationships but rather wanted the “Sober” singer to be motivated to heal and remain sober.

The breakup happened right after Lovato returned to rehab for a second treatment for her mental health. Enfants Riches Deprime designer Henry Levy has been in and out of rehab since he was just 15 years old. Levy and Lovato met each other at rehab and became sober companions.

Some sources say that Levy was never really Lovato’s sober companion. A friend of Levy warned one source about Levy as a dangerous friend and someone who does not take sobriety seriously. Levy’s drug addiction is one of the worst that he had already been to different rehabs in the world and yet nothing has happened.

Meanwhile, Lovato’s recent Instagram posts show her positive outlook in life, which may be credited to her treatment. The “Sober” singer reacted to the breakup with an open mind and positivity. She sent herself two dozens of roses and a note with a message of love.

“You’re beautiful, you’re loved, and you’re worthy of a happy and healthy life,” the note reads. “Cause sometimes you gotta send yourself flowers … #selflove,” the singer captioned her post as she reflects on self-love. The singer is taking things on a lighter side and sending a message of “love yourself first.”

In another recent Instagram story, the singer jams along a metal song called “I Am Hollywood.” She imitates He Is Legend’s vocalist Schuylar Croom’s voice while singing the lyrics “I said it, I said it.” Undoubtedly, Lovato’s mood says she feels great.