Demi Lovato recently shared an unedited picture of her in a bikini online. This is a bold step for the singer, as she said that she was tired of being ashamed of her body and wanted to embrace who she is without fear and without subscribing to what others feel is beautiful.

In a public admission, Lovato wrote in her recent Instagram post that the previous bikini photos she shared online were edited. The singer said that she hates that she had to make such edits, which was apparently driven by her “biggest fear.”

Lovato said that she is tired of being ashamed of her body. She no longer wants to live up to other people’s standards of what they perceive to be beautiful.

With the social media post, Lovato wants to start a new chapter in her life. The picture shows the singer “unashamed,” “unafraid,” and “proud” to own her body. She also promised to be “authentic” going forward.

Talking about the dark side of living with fear about her body, Lovato said that she was afraid of having a “real” birthday cake. Instead, she used to settle for watermelon and whip cream with candles.

Lovato will no longer be on some “crazy” diet. Instead, she will love her body the way it is, and she encouraged her followers on Instagram to love who they are.

Commenting about how she looks in the unedited snap, Lovato admitted that she is not “stoked” about the way she looks. She, however, is appreciative of who she is and she hopes to inspire people to be appreciative of who they are too.

The social media post is also significant because Lovato announced that she is heading back to the studio to work on some new music. The singer has not released an album since 2017, and sources close to her told People that she is “very focused on staying healthy” while she works on her new songs.

Demi Lovato Demi Lovato @ Coletiva de Imprensa - SP Demi Lovato faz coletiva de imprensa em São Paulo / Patrícia Nakashima | Focka. Focka/Flickr