A woman revealed a horrific sexual assault case she experienced in Canada, allegedly carried out by her father when she was just a child.

Identified as Donna Goler, she revealed the harrowing experience she had with her Canadian-based family, providing crucial evidence in a court about a case that saw 15 men and a woman charged for incest and sexual abuse.

Referred to as the “Hillybilly Sex Ring,” the family was reportedly behind the abuse of hundreds of children that appeared to be something out of a move deliverance according to a prosecutor.

Goler claimed that she was raped by her father when she was only five-years-old near Wolfville, Canada. This resulted in a wave of anger and backlash that swept through King’s County and that the said backlash was allegedly so severe.

After sharing her story, it is Goler’s hope that this would help prevent other children from suffering the same fate.

"The first time I can remember I was five, just going on six, because I had just graduated from Kindergarten going into grade one […] I came home and that was the first time I had been raped and it was by my father,” Goler stated. "[I]f somebody wanted to have sex with one of his kids he would let them for a case of beer or a carton of cigarettes, or even a pack of cigarettes.”

"We had nothing to say, we couldn't prevent it, we couldn't stop them. We were basically lined up against the wall and they chose the one they wanted and we were forced to do it," she added.

In all, 16 family members were arrested for the heinous act. 13 of them were jailed and meted various terms of up to seven years.

In Canada, legal standings on incest trials could lead to a minimum imprisonment of five years for individuals who have knowingly committed incest with a blood relative.

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