An alleged devil worshipper has been charged with another murder four months after posting bail. Edward O’Neal has been on a temporary release after his bond was reduced over the summer.

On Nov. 28, O’Neal killed Derrick Mike, his cousin’s ex-boyfriend, when the 39-year-old showed up in front of his cousin’s Houston apartment to retrieve his belongings after their split. Texas Police said the victim was still conscious when a police officer arrived and rushed him to a nearby hospital but he died the following day.

Christa Roberts, the mother of the 16-year-old whom O’Neal stabbed to death in 2016, said she warned the police not to let O’Neal out because he might kill again. “I told the DA he should not get out,” she said. “He killed my son, he’ll be killing again. I’m sorry you had to go through this. Justice is going to be served,” she added.

According to police, Edward O’Neal confessed the murder to them at his cousin’s request. He is now back in custody in Harris County Jail without bail and is facing separate trials for the killing of Mike and Ryan Roberts.

“Our prosecutors told the judge in court that we opposed bond being lowered for this defendant and we trice filed motions asking the judge to set conditions on the defendant’s bond if he were to be released bending trial,” said the district attorney. “We also let the judge know the facts of the original murder, to ensure the court was aware of our concerns for public safety,” he added.

O’Neal was first charged with murder in 2016 after fatally stabbing Ryan Roberts, who was a freshman at Jefferson Davis High School at the time. He dumped his body in a wooded area behind his apartment complex.

Police said Roberts’ mother reported in January 2016 that his son was missing after he did not come home from school. After a few days, authorities received a report that O’Neal admitted to his friend that he had murdered Roberts. Following his arrest, he led the police to where he had dumped the body of the victim.

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