The 1995 murder of Texas teen Adrianne Jones rocked the nation. Both Diane Zamora and her then fiancee David Graham were both found guilty of murdering the teen after Graham slept with her. While they both are tucked away behind bars, Zamora is speaking from prison and maintaining her innocence of the crime.

According to People, Zamora is taking some responsibility for the murder of Jones but still maintains that she is not the one that actually took the teenager's life. She admits that she witnessed her fiancé, Graham, kill the 16-year-old, and then helped hide it. But she insists she never killed anyone or set out to do so.

“It wasn’t her fault, but she wouldn’t have been in that position had I not lost my temper,” Zamora tells People Magazine Investigates from behind bars.

Despite her claiming that she was innocent of actually commiting the murder, Graham is telling a different story saying that Zamora was the "motivator" according to the Dallas Morning News.

Zamora claims that she didn't really know Jones like that besides the fact of helping Graham hide the murder. 

“I think I remember seeing Adrianne one time, just noticing her,” Zamora says on PMI‘s upcoming episode. “I have a vague recollection, but I’d never heard her name, anything about her. I’d never seen a picture. … I didn’t know anything of her at all.”

However, authorities prior investigation contradicts Zamora's claims as she learned about Jones and Graham's affair which was the catalyst for her temper resulting in the 16-year-old's death. In a confession that Graham gave police, Zamora became inconsolable shortly before the murder when she learned Graham had had sex with Adrianne.

Zamora also told Graham in her own statement “that the ‘purity’ of their love could only be restored by killing Adrianne,” one law enforcement source told PEOPLE at the time.

While Zamora has had time to sit and think about her actions, she admits that she deserved to be behind bars.

“I think I deserved something,” she says, “because I don’t just sit here and say, ‘Oh, I bear no responsibility."

Zamora is currently serving her mandatory life sentence in prison and she will be eligible for parole after 40 years.