Jennifer Lopez may have lied about her recent statement regarding her role and contributions in the movie “Hustlers.”

During her interview with GQ, the actress said that she didn’t get paid for starring and producing the film.

“I bank on myself, you know? That was like Jenny from the block. I do what I want, I do what I love,” Lopez said.

But Lopez’s movie inspiration, Samantha Barbash, said that she doesn’t think the actress was being 100 percent truthful with what she said. While speaking with Fox News, the former stripper said that she just laughed after reading Lopez’s interview.

“She definitely got a huge sum of money upfront and on the back end. She’s stating that she bet on herself and she got money on the back end, which is not true. She got money all around,” she said.

Barbash went on to say that Lopez made millions from “Hustlers.” She also accused the actress of taking advantage of her likeness for profit without asking for permission.

“Forget about all the money that she made off of my likeness. They just betrayed me in such a horrible manner… As an actress, they’re supposed to shadow the person that you’re playing… I’m a mother and the way she portrayed me was horrific. I literally walked out of the movie crying,” Barbash said.

The stripper took offense with how she was portrayed in the film, particularly in one of the scenes where Lopez, who played Barbash, cooked up drugs while her daughter was in the other room. Barbash said that Lopez and her team bashed her and attacked her character for money.

After the movie was released, Barbash’s attorney, Bruno Gioffre, sent a letter to STX Entertainment saying that his client’s rights were violated. The attorney also threatened to sue the production company if a deal wasn’t made within 10 days. STX Entertainment responded by saying that they had the right to make the movie without Barbash’s permission.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez at the Pop Music Festival on 23.06.2012. Ana Carolina Kley Vita/Flickr

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