Neymar was one of the stars of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. His hope and dreams were shattered when he was seriously injured during a match against Colombia during the quarter finals. Rodrigo Lasmar, Brazil's team doctor, confirmed that the striker had fractured a vertebrae and wouldn't be able to continue playing as it would put in jeopardy his future. The injury happened late in the game when Colombia's Juan Zuñiga jumped and kneed him in the back. “It is a benign fracture,” the doctor told a local broadcaster. “This news is hard to take, but he will not be available at this World Cup. The fracture does not require surgery. There will be a rehab program, [he] needs comfort to ease the pain.”

However, shortly after he was rushed to the hospital for further testing, he was seen walking around. Someone that was seriously injured and was putting their joint movements at risk, couldn't possible be walking around so swiftly in his condition. The video (watch down below) that aired on ESPN Brazil has made fans question the veracity of his diagnostic. Another thing that raised eye brows was that when the player was admitted to the hospital, a towel was over his face. A picture was taken at the moment, but a characteristic tattoo in his arm was missing. The body art is special to the soccer star as it is the name of his son. Fans of followers have question if his injury was as serious as originally speculated to leave him out of the tournament.

A theory that has surged was that of having Neymar out of the competition, they could blame it on him for Brazil not winning the tournament. Maybe the Brazilians were not so positive in being able to get to the final. As it is, their encounter against Germany was a massacre. The Germans scored 5 goals against the Scratch Du Ouro in the first half. During the second half Germany managed to score two more goals, with Brazil 1 to end up the match in a 7-1 game that gave Germany the pass to the final. What do you think? Did Neymar fake his injury to have an excuse or was he genuinely injured?