Princess Diana’s death in 1997 broke millions of hearts around the world. And while Prince Charles seemed unruffled by the tragedy, the loss actually caused him to suffer for years.

A life coach has revealed that although Prince Charles managed to maintain his composure when he fetched Princess Diana’s body from Paris to bring her back to London, deep inside, he was grieving. Princess Diana’s death came only one year after their divorce in 1996.

In the documentary “The Madness Of Prince Charles,” it was revealed that Prince Charles got the news at around 3 a.m. of Aug. 31, 1997, soon after authorities confirmed Princess Diana’s death. According to the documentary, Prince Charles appeared very composed when he went to Paris to bring Princess Diana’s body back to London. However, his state of mind was different.

“His face carries a deep sadness,” life coach Fiona Harold said. “He looks downcast, it is almost etched into his face. You do see the years of turmoil and sadness,” she added. In a separate documentary, “Diana: 7 Days That Shook The Windsors,” royal author Tina Brown also said that the news hit Prince Charles hard. “He was worried about the fallout with the public and the impact on their sons William and Harry,” she said.

Princess Diana’s death was a particularly heartbreaking time for the Prince of Wales because he was worried about how the public would react toward the tragedy. “He fell apart,” Brown said. “He knew, instantly, that this was going to be a terrible thing, that he will be blamed, that they will be blamed, for the death of Diana,” she added.

Because the British public had so much love and adoration for Princess Diana, all the sympathies were on her after what happened to their marriage. One year after their divorce, Prince Charles was still struggling with his tainted reputation, but Princess Diana’s shocking death came and added fuel to the fire.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce was a long time coming. Both the Prince and Princess of Wales knew that Prince Charles had a mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles, but it took years for Princess Diana to reach her breaking point. Breaking a major royal protocol, Princess Diana exposed to the public her husband’s extramarital affair, ruining Prince Charles’ reputation. 

Prince Charles Britain's Prince Charles kisses Lady Sarah McCorquiodale, while her sister Lady Jane Fellowes looks on at RAF Northolt Airport near London, 31 AUG, following the arrival of Charles and the casket containing the body of his former wife, Diana. MARTIN HAYHOW/AFP/Getty Images