A brand-new music video that was released on Thursday suggests that rapper A$AP Rocky got married to Rihanna, fanning rumors of a secret marriage as the due date of their first child comes closer and closer.

The new music video of A$AP Rocky, entitled “D.M.B.,” chronicles a love story between the two characters who are described as “ride or die” lovers that go through life together as a couple that is said to mirror some of the things that Rocky and Rihanna went through in their real life, according to Vulture.

Among the times that the couple goes through in the video is Rihanna meeting Rocky outside of prison, which mirrors real-life events where Rocky was arrested in 2019 for assault in Stockholm, Sweden, as well as the recent arrest that he had in relation to a 2021 shooting in Los Angeles, BBC reported.

The video climaxes, however, with the two getting married together. Rihanna wears a red wedding gown at the end of the video while red rose petals are thrown at the star and both Rocky and Rihanna wear grills on their teeth that say “Marry Me” and “I Do,” respectively, the Daily Beast reported.

“D.M.B.,” which stands for “Dat’s My B***h,” is the first new music video that Rihanna has starred in since 2017’s “Loyalty” with Kendrick Lamar. The video was reportedly filmed in the summer of 2021, which explains the lack of a baby bump from Rihanna.

This brand-new video has enflamed rumors of a potential future marriage for the couple, as well as the possibility that the two have secretly married each other in between the music video’s filming and Rihanna’s pregnancy.

The couple has yet to make a definitive statement regarding their marital status or the intent of the music video, but fans online continue to speculate about it as they repost and discuss the new video online.

A new video released by A$AP Rocky on Thursday suggests that he and Rihanna, who are soon to have a baby together, had gotten married to each other recently, which neither has confirmed or denied. Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images.

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