An Oklahoma man has been arrested for reportedly murdering an employee and burying the victim's corpse under a client’s septic tank in Logan County, Oklahoma.

Daniel Joseph Triplett, 66, faces first-degree murder and desecration of a human corpse charges for killing his employee Brent Mack, 50, and burying the man's remains under a septic tank that he installed at a client's home in E. County Road 69, Oklahoma, Law & Crime reported.

Mack, who was last seen in Guthrie near 1st Street and Cleveland on Sept. 20, was reported missing to the Guthrie Police Department by his family members on Sept. 29.

An investigation into the incident began when Mack’s daughter reached out to her father’s boss, Triplett, through Facebook Messenger to know about her missing father's whereabouts.

Triplett reportedly replied to her saying that he fired Mack on Sept. 20, dropped him off in front of a laundromat, and gave him $1,000 as severance. Triplett later deleted these messages. However, Mack's daughter had taken screenshots of the messages before they were deleted and presented them to the investigators, KOKH FOX 25 reported.

She also had access to her father’s phone login information and found that her father's last call was to his Texas-based girlfriend who said that the last time she spoke to him was on Sept. 20.

When asked about his whereabouts on Sept. 20, Triplett reportedly said he was on W. County Road 69 for a barn home being built with a fresh septic tank and lateral lines. However, the property owner told the officers that the work was completed on Sept. 7.

When he was questioned at the Guthrie Police Department, Triplett insisted that he and Mack last worked at the W. County Road 69 address. However, he changed his narrative on where he left Mack several times during the questioning.

“When confronted with the inconsistencies in the story, Triplett became very red-faced and appeared to be angry," the officers said.

Following this, the officers executed a search warrant at Triplett’s home on Oct. 14 and discovered a statement book in his truck that showed that he was working on E. County Road 69 on Sept. 20 where his client was getting a septic tank installed.

When the investigators reviewed the CCTV surveillance footage, they found Mack and Triplett showing up in Triplett’s vehicle, but, only one person was seen leaving the place. Footage also showed Mack entering the septic tank hole and also taking a lunch break in the truck. The surveillance video did not show the men fighting or engaging in any altercations. However, the investigators decided to dig up the septic tank and found Mack’s dead body under it, according to KFOR-TV.

Following the discovery of Mack's remains, Triplett was arrested and booked into the Logan County Jail and faces a count of murder in the first degree, and desecration of a human corpse.

Daniel Joseph Triplett, 66, has been arrested for murdering an employee and burying the vicitim's under a client’s septic tank. Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

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